Translating cutting edge research into a new generation of diagnostics

We are motivated by our passionate commitment to Research and Development. With a wealth of experience in the development of diagnostic systems, we work with our academic partners in the search for new biomarkers and techniques that will lead to real improvements in healthcare and toxicology.

Research and Development

Our ambitious R&D programme includes the development of exciting platform technologies that will open the door to a new generation of laboratory diagnostics. Key areas of our research programme include:

High sensitivity chemiluminescence assays

AE based microplate assays bring a new dimension to the range of applications for this sensitive technology
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New toxicogenomics technology to remove or reduce the need for whole animal testing

A collaborative research project to develop assays that will remove or reduce the need for whole animal testing
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Intact Proinsulin as an early indicator of type 2 diabetes

There is a growing body of evidence that Intact proinsulin acts as a highly specific marker for insulin resistance and an early indicator type 2 diabetes
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